Lab Fermentors &BioreactorsLab Fermentors & Bioreactors BRS autoclavable lab fermentors and bioreactors are designed for research applications and fermentation process optimization. It is also used in microbial physiology studies. VIEW DETAILS Pilot Fermentors &BioreactorsPilot Fermentors & Bioreactors BRS pilot fermentors and bioreactors act as a connection between laboratory and plant. An ideal solution for scaling in microbiological synthesis processes and small-scale production. VIEW DETAILS Industrial Fermentors &BioreactorsIndustrial Fermentors & Bioreactors BRS industrial-scale fermentors and bioreactors are designed for pilot and industrial processes and industrial upscaling. We offer stand-alone units as well as fully equipped lines for biotech and pharmaceutical plants. VIEW DETAILS High-Speed CentrifugesHigh-Speed Centrifuges BRS high-speed tubular centrifuges are designed for applications where a continuous process of separation is required, be it liquids and solids separation, extraction, concentration and clarification of substances with high viscosity and other fields of application. VIEW DETAILS Clean-in-Place SystemsClean-in-Place Systems BRS CIP systems are designed for effective cleaning of installation after processes or between batches, working on several production lines while reducing chemicals and utilities costs. VIEW DETAILS Freeze DryersFREEZE DRYERS BRS LYOPRO series Freeze Dryers, have been engineered and are manufactured to comply with the stringent requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry . VIEW DETAILS
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